Weeks 30 to 32
We attended the second half of our childbirth classes on parenting on April 1st. I really got a lot more out of this than Matt did as it was more for the mother to see what will happen with them and their "new schedule" (ha ha). Matt did manage to destroy a disposable nappy though! It's a good thing we are going cloth. Speaking of which I just got a new stash of baby beehinds (from Davina) and tot bots (from Darlings Down Under). I got some bambo ones of each too and they are sooooo soft. Can't wait to use them.

I'm an Aunty agin. My brothers fiance had a baby boy named Taj on 9th of April after a 40 hour labour eventually ending in an emergency CS. He was 9pd 1 oz (or just over 4kg)!

We went to South West Rocks for Easter and had a fabulous time. Matt, Matt P, Richard and Monique went diving at Fish Rock Cave and I spent most of my time reading on the beach. It was quite relaxing but I still didn't enjoy the night time toilet trips (we were camping).

Heres a photo of me (or my belly) at 32 weeks:

That's it for now (only 3 more weeks of work - YAY)
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