Little Bubba - NED
The next morning at 4am, Little Bubba was bought back to me for a feed. As I looked at him I went through the names on our short list on my head. Only one really fit - our little bubba was NED. When Matt arrived at 6am I told him what I thought. He agreed but we'd think about it a bit longer before we decided for sure. By the next day he was named Ned. Here is a photo of Ned the day after he was born as he was sleeping in the cot in my postnatal room:

The first week in hospital with Ned was very hard. He was so sleepy and not taking to the breast so I was constantly trying to feed unsuccessfully and then having to express in order to get him not to lose too much weight. This in addition to constant checks by the midwives, food deliveries, and visitors meant a very stressed mummy. Eventually I had to see the lactation consultant who gave me nipple shields to help get Ned to attach better and give my grazed nipples a better chance to heal. Before I left hospital my milk came in and my goodness my (.)(.) were very big and sore, especially my right one which I needed to feed off a few times before it reduced down. Ice packs also came in handy. But at least Ned was beginning to feed properly. However, my Blood Pressure did go up as a result of all the stresses mentioned above. A day or two at home and it went down again as I was able to relax a bit and Ned and I could get into our own groove without the constant interruptions (though we still had visitors).

Matt was fantastic throughout the whole process and I was lucky I went into labour when I did so that he was actually there and not at work or off diving somewhere!! He was a great help those first few days at home, particularly when I was still healing from the Caesar and a bit stressed! Ned and I have had a couple of days at home on our own now and are still getting used to things. He is such a good baby compared to some though and I feel very blessed to have such a beautiful little boy.
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The Arrival of Little Bubba
On 20/05/2006, our little Bubba, NED, decided to make his entry into the world a tad early!! I think I am still in shock. Here's what happened:

1am: Got up to go the toilet on one of my usual nightly trips and my waters spontaneously burst. Miraculously I managed to make it into teh ensuite without getting any amniotic fluid on the carpet!

1.10am: Rang the hospital. They said to wait until contractions started before calling back. I would be going in in the morning regardless.

2am: Contractions started about 15-20 mins apart. Pain was period-like but very bearable so I tried to sleep through them.

4.30am: I figured the contractions had come closer together but didn't time them. Pain becoming more intense.

5.20am: Started to time the contractions. Pain was in my lower back and much like strong period pain. Contractions were 4 mins apart. What?? That can't be right. Timed them repeatedly, yep, 4 mins apart. Rang hospital back to say I was on my way. Lucky I had packed my bags yesterday!

5.45am: Stopped for petrol as Matts car was empty and the petrol light had come on. Timed contractions whilst waiting for Matt. They were now 2-3 mins apart and really getting painful now; worst pain ever!

6am: Got to hospital. Matt dropped me off with my labour bag and parked the car and I headed to the birthing suite. They hooked me up to a doppler and something that measured my contractions to check the baby and my progress. They also hooked me up to a blood pressure monitor which measured my BP every 5 mins for the first hour then every 30 mins after that.

7am: Got on the gas to help the contractions. At first I didn;t think it was doing anything but once I got the hang of it it at least gave me something else to focus on.

8am: Contractions 2 mins apart at their longest and excruciating. The midwife did an internal - 3cm dilated. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!! Still 7cm to go and the pains were right on top of each other. I figured I still had another 6-8 hours at least. That epidural was starting to sound pretty good.

8.30am: My BP shot up to around 155/95 (it had been a very good 118/70 prior). The midwives were now suggesting an epidural in order to bring the BP down and to help deal with the contractions which were so close together (about a min apart) I was pretty much on the gas constantly. I agreed without hesitation.

9am: The anaethatist, Gavin, arrived. In between contractions I had the epidural inserted whilst I sat on the edge of the bed curled over a pillow. I had to endure another 10-15 mins of contractions before it kicked in but once it did it was BLISS!

9am-12.30am: At some point during this time I was put on an antibiotic drip because I'd gone into premature labour and hadn't had my swabs taken in time (they were due to be done next week). I was becoming exhausted. Even though I felt no pain from the epidural my body was still in labour and I was getting very tired. I tried to sleep but it was hard. At least Matt managed to get some sleep!

2.30am: We were expecting bub to arrive. Still not here yet.

4.30am: This was our next milestone. Still not here yet.

6.30pm: I had another internal by the midwife. I was now fully dilated - HOORAY - and ready to push. BUT, I didn't feel the urge to push. Regardless we gave it a few goes. Nothing was happening. Bubba wasn't progressing through my cervix into the birth canal. The midwife rang the obstetrician. It was at this point I realised things weren't going as they should.

8pm: The obstetrician arrived and we had another few attempts at getting bubba out. Again no luck. He suggested a vacuum extraction would be no good because there just wasn't enough of bubbas head exposed for it to grip well enough. He could have a go at turning and pulling with the forceps. Yep, OK, give it a go....... still no luck. Bub was wedged in my pelvis and not budging. Bugger... Time to face my fears - an emergency caesar was the only option. I was prepped for surgery. Gavin cranked up the epidural to the max and Matt was put into a gown etc. I was wheeled into theatre and all the screens set up etc. Then they began. Matt held my hand all the way through it. I could feel every cut and pull (though no pain) and the obstetrician having to pull very hard in order to get bubba out! But at

8.40pm: on Saturday 20/05/2006 our little bubba entered the world screaming. He was given to Matt and I briefly for a cuddle and photos before going with Matt and the paediatrician for weighing and checking etc. He was a healthy 3.070kg with head circumference 34cm and length of 52cm. He had no breathing problems and was such a good size he didn;t have to go to special care - YAY!

Here were are at birth:

8.40pm-9.40pm: I was being stitched back up and shaking beserko because of the epidural. I felt like I was going to throw up at one point so I was given something to stop it. I hated this hour the most of all my time during labour. I was away from my baby and husband and had no control of my body. Plus I could see me insides reflecting off the light above me - gross.

9.40pm-ish: I got wheeled back to my room (still shaking and with no control over my lower half) where a midwife, Matt and my bubba were waiting. I gave Matt and Bubba a cuddle and kiss before Matt headed home exhausted. Bubba stayed with me where I attempted to Breastfeed but I had no idea. I can't even remember if it was successful - I was so tired.

11pm: Bubba was taken to the Nursery and I was finally able to get some sleep.
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And he is well and truely worth it all. thanxs for sharing :)
By Blogger Tracy, on 5:47 pm 

Wow, what a lovely story :)
By Blogger The Scarlet Tree, on 9:01 am 

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Week 36 - 19/05/2006 - The Day Before
I finished packing the hospital bag (just in the nick of time). I bought some Raspberry Leaf Tea as it is supposed to help tone the uterus ready for labour and can decrease second stage. It tastes OK with honey but I only got to drink it once! I also went for a walk at Long Reef which was really nice and relaxing. It was so beautiful by the water. I wonder if any of these things contributed to what happened next?
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Week 36 - The Missed Signs
I finished washing and ironing everything and rearranged the nursery 5 times (can someone say "Nesting"?). I also finished buying everything else I needed. Matt finally met the obstetrician and we went over the birth plan which was basically to take it a step at a time and be prepared for anything. Next week I am supposed to have an internal to see how I'm going and have some swabs taken. The lower back pain is really starting to ramp up; especially at night. I reckon he's going to come early - like at 38 weeks.
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Week 35 - My first week of Maternity Leave
Have been having period like pain on and off all week. Very painful. Had to spend a couple of days in bed trying to deal with it. I wonder if this is the start of something?? Walking is starting to hurt too with lots of pressure on my cervix. Matt went to San Fransisco this week. I went and did a whole heap of baby shopping in preparation for the impending arrival. I've started sorting through all the things we've been given and figuring out how to wash it all. Plus making a list of things I still need. I've also started packing the hospital bag. The house is pretty much spotless now too! At least I have another 4 weeks to do all the remaining things I need to. Sarah and Jason came over on Tuesday which was nice. He's such a cutie. We went and bought a cot for bub. Its a beautiful white Boori Kingparrot Alice Cot. Its in our room as it didn;t fit through the door to the nursery. I guess bubs wil be with us until he's about 5 or 6 months old and we need to dissassemble the cot to lower the mattress base!
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Week 34
We went up the coast on the weekend and picked up a whole heap of baby stuff my parents had bought us - so much stuff! It was great. We saw my borthers bub too - very cute and looks just like my brother. I haven't been sleeping very well. I've been having strong Braxton Hicks contractions and I need to keep going to the toilet. Plus I keep getting the worst lower back pain. It's so uncomfy I can barely sleep. I hit my head on the shelf in the ensuite and it set me off! I was in tears for hour and I'm so emotional at the moment. Matt went diving today so I went and sat on the beach with some magazines. It was good to get out of the house. I've been a bit of a hermit recently.

HOORAY - I finished work this week! I was very busy frantically finalising everything. To make matters worse I had car trouble (the handbrake wouldn't "grab"). Luckily I finished everything and got the car troubles sorted out. Work took me out to lunch which was nice. I saw the obstetrician and everything is looking good so far. Just discovered Skype. What a great idea. Now I can keep in touch with Matt when he goes away!
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Week 33
Anzac Day happened this week. I didn't go to the march this year as I don't think I would have made it. I finally managed to get the hospital sorted out (they needed some info and a copy of my antenatal card). I had an ultrasound to check on bubs size. Hes perfectly healthy. The obstetrician will go into the report with me in more detail at my next appointment. The sonographer did say that bubs has hair....awwwww..
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