The First 10 Weeks
We've been home for 9 weeks now so I thought I'd do a run down on the final events in hospital and our first 9 weeks at home.

Hospital: After Ned was born the stay in hospital was a blur of classes, midwives coming in and out to check blood pressure, give pain relief and help with feeding, changing, feeding (or lack of), expressing, lactation consultants and visitors. By the time it came to leave I was so relieved to be getting out of there! Ned was weighed the day we left and he'd dropped down to only 2.8kg. My blood pressure had gone up and I'd had a Rubella shot because my immunity was low. They were threatening to keep me in longer...glad they didn't.

First week at home: Matt had this week off work to help me and it was great as it helped us ease into a new life. We still had a lot of visitors but managed to struggle through. I discovered that feeding at 3am in the middle of winter isn't all its cracked up to be! We also managed to get out of the house and go shopping...

Week 2 at home: I was getting used to being at home on my own with a new baby and trying to figure out what all Neds different cries meant. I also weaned Ned myself off the Nipple Sheilds he'd had to use for the first week at home (it was the only way I could breastfeed initially after he grazed my nipples and was having problems attaching). I was very proud of this achievement as I was told I'd probably have to go to a drop in breastfeeding clinic in order to do it.

Week 3 at home: We had a visit from the Early Childhood Nurse, Leslie, who was lovely. Ned had put on enough weight to be up to 3.17kg - YAY. Still getting used to being a mum and figuring out what was going on. Ned gave his first proper smile this week.

Week 4 at home: Started venturing out a bit more this week for walks and shopping trips. Also went to visit Matts Grandfather for his birthday and the girls at work and my Mum and Sister came down and we went shopping. Have really got this Breastfeeding thing conquered now.

Week 5 at home: Got a call from the local Early Child Hood Centre (ECHC) and invited to join Mothers Group starting the next week. More shopping trips and getting out of the house to regain my sanity. Starting to feel more confident as a Mum. Lots of follow up checks with the paediatrician and obstetrician etc. Ned has a big head which has grown 5cm and a short body which has only grown 0.5cm. But he's up to 4.2kg now.

Week 6 at home: More of the same and Mothers Group Started. Really enjoyed the experience and looking forward to it again. Had already met one of the other mums in hospital : )

Week 7 at home: Ned had his immunisations this week. Poor bub was lying there happily looking at the lights and the Dr and Nurse timed the immunisations so he had one in each leg at once (better than having one followed by the other I suppose). He screamed for ages and was really unsettled most of the day following it.

Week 8 at home: Went and had Neds 8 week check up at the ECHC. Up to 4.6kg now and almost out of all the Newborn Huggies he was given (so we can start concentrating on going Cloth full time soon - YIPPEE). I feel like we are in a groove now and have now adapted to my new life as Mum.

Week 9 at home (this week): Went to a work lunch to catch up with everyone. Ned was the star as usual! My mum and sister came down to see Ned and spent the day with us which was fun. Ned is starting to become a real charmer and smiles at everyone now. All the ladies at mothers group adore him, not to mention the nurses. He is very adorable. Went shopping and met Matts sister for morning tea today. Very productive week.

I can't believe it has gone so quickly. The fastest 10 weeks of my life. Can time please slow down a bit??? Having my hair cut tomorrow as Ned seems to grab it all the time now and it has gotten so long it is unmanageable.

The near future: Mothers Group at the ECHC finishes next week but we will then continue to meet at each others houses, the park etc. More visits with relos and a trip to the snow (which should be interesting).
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