6 Months Old Today
Well my little bubba is growing up so fast now. He is 6 months old today. He started on solids a couple of weeks ago (just rice cereal) and in the last couple of days I've started him on pear, apple and pumpkin. His favourite so far is the pumpkin. We are still breastfeeding as his main source of food though.

In the last couple of months he has come so far and is now rolling all over the place, tummy to back, back to tummy, and is almost crawling. He's very interested in whats going on around him and loves to get out of the house. Hes a very good baby and really only has a whinge when he is hungry or really tired. Hes developed a bit of a cheeky personality as well and loves to blow raspberries at people and charm them all with his gorgeous smile. Here is a recent pic of my cutie pie:

We go to mothers group every Thursday and so far I have kept so busy that I'm not missing work at all and am certainly not bored like I thought I'd be. We are going to start swimming lessons in the new year so that should be fun too. We've already put him in the water but the water was very cold and he didn't like it at all so I'm hoping that he'll like the warm pool much better.

Anyway this was just a quick update. I'll be back again in a few weeks to update you on his first Christmas!!!
Kira Blogged at 2:25 pm on Monday, November 20, 2006


Beautiful bubba :) Welcom to the nappycino ring :)
By Blogger Tracy, on 11:52 am 

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