Nelson Bay - Australia Day
A bit late I know but thought I'd post some pics we took of bubba on Australia Day up at Nelson Bay. What a cutie!

I'm not really trouble, I'm just soooooo cute!

Dad, I haven't had enuf, I'm shtill firtsy!

We got heaps of gorgeous photos and I obviously can't post them all but these were the cutest and funniest (in that order).

Disclaimer: I do not advocate giving babies alcohol. The beer bottle in the photgraph above was empty and as with most little boys, ours took up the challenge to grab it when Daddy wasn't looking. I happened to take the photograph as e was blinking which made for a very funny shot.
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Classic.. i so loved that photo :0
By Blogger Tracy, on 5:34 pm 

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10 Months Old today
OK, so I'm not real good at keeping up with my blog, but hey I have a 10 month old (sob) and I've gone back to work part time!

So to catch up on whats happened since I last posted:
* Ned is a really good eater and loves his solids, though he seems to have smaller portions than other bubs his age but drinks a lot more milk!
* He still has no teeth.
* Started crawling backwards at 7 months old.
* At 8 months old exactly he started to crawl (properly, including forwards).
* A day after 8 months old he stood up for the first time.
* At 8.5 months old he started crusing the furniture.
* He talks! He says Dad-Dad, Mum-Mum and Mumma, Bub, Heyo (Hello) and general noises (wawa).
* He loves to sing any time there is music. Whether it be music his toys make, the TV or the radio.
* He gets into everything he's not supposed to.
* He started daycare when mummy went back to work part time.
*He got really sick with the flu, gastro and then a severe case of bronchiolitis. He has lost a lot of weight and is now on the 15th percentile ater finally catching up to the 50th!
* He started swimming lessons and loves it. He can now hold his breath underwater.
* He's even cuter (if that's possible).

Well that's all I can think of at the moment though it's hard to summarise everything and time is just racing away from us. Well I think that'll do for this post but I'll do another one all about our nappy progress of late!
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