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OK, so I lied. I had fully intended to scan in the ultrasound pic done at 10 weeks but morning sickness and a toddler have prevented me from doing so. So maybe I didn't lie, I just didn't follow through.....I am due to have my 12 week NT scan next week so I will "try" and post both pics some time after that.

So I have been vomiting a "little bit" and feeling rather bleugh. Today I had the mother of all headaches. Since I rarely get them, and after having spent the morning vomiting, this one seemed to be the worst I have ever had. Panadol hasn't done anything (Oh how I wish there was an ibuprofen alternative for pregnancy).

Anyway, apart from all that, it still hasn't really kicked in that I am pregnant. I still look the same as I did before I was pregnant and of course I can't really feel any movement etc yet. I did feel this way with Ned for a while; although with Ned it was more a "OMG, why the hell did I want to get pregnant when I feel like dying" sort of situation because of how bad the morning sickness was with him. Well feeling sorry for myself only made it worse so I have tried to stay more positive this time around and for the most part it has worked. Well, not much else to report aprat from that I am having blood taken tomorrow which I am looking forward to...and no, I'm not nuts, it's just that my morning sickness seems to get better after I've had it taken. It is almost as if it levels out my hormones.

Better go, I have a timer beeping at me for dinner.
Kira Blogged at 5:41 pm on Tuesday, January 29, 2008


sadly, that's the toughest part of being pregnant - getting early morning sickness. You should try some remedies like ginger ale. It's what helped me get through pregnancy. For moms out there having the same problem, here a great resource: http://www.morningsicknessfix.com/first-trimester-morning-sickness.html
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I've been keeping a little secret... just before Christmas I discovered that I was pregnant with bubba #2. My dates were all over the place so I had a scan just before we went overseas which put me at 5 weeks. We arrived home yesterday and I had another dating scan today to confirm I am almost 10 weeks and my due date is August 16th 2008. The baby is so tiny and is already similar to his/her big brother in that it was wriggling around.

I am just waiting to see the obstetrician this afternoon so thought I may as well update this blog; albeit a little earlier than I had thought I would. I didn't really want to fall pregnant before we went away due to the awful morning sickness I had with Ned but apparently this bubba didn't want to wait. Luckily the morning sickness hasn't been as bad this time (though the flights/bus transfers over and back were pretty awful). So far we have only told our parents and a few friends and that's it. Everyone else will be told over the next week or so. So there's my exciting news. Tomorrow I will scan in the first ultrasound pic and post it so stay tuned....
Kira Blogged at 12:48 pm on Thursday, January 17, 2008


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