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According to the 18-20 week ultrasound I had last Tuesday. The scan itself went for a marathon 2 hours because we were evacuated in the middle of it due to the fire alarm going off from an electrical fault and then when we came back bub didn't want to cooperate and was constantly wriggling. But she is a healthy bub and her profile looks just like Neds:

I was shocked because I was so convinced there was another boy in there. I'm just starting to get used to the idea. I had a bit of a look for clothes after the scan but all I could see was the cute little boy clothes. I am really unimpressed with the lack of variety in girls clothes; it is all pink. I don't hate pink but I'd like my little girl to wear clothes in other colours. Looks like I'll be sewing her up a lot myself which would be good for increasing my sewing skills anyway I guess.

So I know I am slack and should have posted earlier but last week was a bit mad because we went to South West Rocks for Easter so I spent Wednesday packing and Thursday we were off. Plus my laptop decided to muck up after Ned "played" with it. Anyway, I have finally gotten around to it. My morning sickness has just about gone (I don't want t jinx it) but the nausea still comes back again sometimes at night. At least the vomiting has settled (touch wood). Anyway, half way there now, another half to go. The stretching has commenced and my tummy is just starting to pop out (will take a pic when I can find the battery charger for the camera). Anyway, will be back later...

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