Well I think I have popped now. My tummy is definately sticking out more.

The little girl is going to be a boxer I think. She seems to be a lot more awake than Ned was and is constantly moving around. I haven't had any "alien" movements yet but did have a bizarre dream last night where she pushed her hands out through my stomach and the people I was with were telling me not to worry about it. I was insisting on an ambulance and to call my obstetrician and no one was doing it. The night before last I also had a nightmare that I gave birth (now) and it wasn't a girl at all but a boy that looked fine he was just having trouble breathing. There were no ambulances available so we had to ride to hospital on the back of a fire truck. When we got there the nurses were having a beauty pagent and wouldn't listen to my pleas for help. I finally got sent to "emergency" which was an office with an old lady in it who took the baby, bent it in half and told me "he's dead now, deal with it". I woke up after that but the sense of loss was real. It got me really freaking out until I felt bub move again and then I felt a bit better. Freaky pregnancy dreams!!!

Anyway, I better go get Ned ready for mothers group.
Kira Blogged at 7:26 am on Thursday, April 17, 2008


Freaky dream, I hope I don't get any of those. when I was pregnant, my main problem was early morning sickness. thankfully there's ginger.
By Anonymous Christine, on 4:52 pm 

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I have made it half way. I can't believe how quickly it is going. Here is a belly shot I took yesterday:

Feeling a lot better now. Bub is very active and wriggles/kicks a lot. I think she is going to be like her big brother - uh oh!

Better go

Kira Blogged at 11:07 am on Friday, April 04, 2008


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