39 Week Bump Pic
It is my due date (by Ultrasound) today. My ob did a S & S on Thursday and I lost the rest of my plug after it. I had contractions between 5 and 20 minutes apart ALL DAY yesterday until I went to bed but then nothing.... as per usual. So I feel fine today, apart from a bit of pressure down there but no contractions. I am OVER IT. Well, like it or not, she will be out on Wednesday so if she wants to pick her birthday she had better do it before then!

Anyway, here is my bump pic taken from the other day at 39 weeks:

Hopefully this will be my last one. Otherwise I will do a 40 week one on Monday and post it along with a collage of all the bump pics I have taken this pregnancy. Then hopefully I will have a birth story and some baby pics to post!!!

Catch ya later.

Kira Blogged at 8:19 am on Saturday, August 16, 2008


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