The birth of Isla Anis
Hurray!!! She's finally here.

ISLA ANIS. Born 17th August 2008 at 4.15pm. At 53 cm long she weighed a tiny 2.770kg (or 6.11 pounds) and had a 32cm head circumference.

Isla's Birth Story:

I thought I had better write this before I forgot things that happened.....As previously recorded in my blog I had been having proper, painful, contractions between 10-20 minutes apart for a few days before I went into full labour before it all just stopped. Anyway, on Saturday 16th August, Matt, Ned and I went for a walk (the same one I did the day before I went into labour with Ned). I had a few braxton hicks on the walk but nothing eventuated, well, not initially. I went to bed that night thinking that I would be induced on the 20th.

At 12.30am on 17/08/08 I got up to go to the toilet as I did every night after which I had a very painful contraction. I tried to ignore it (since I was sure it was going to be another false start) and got back into bed and tried to go back to sleep. 15 mins later I had another one and it was slightly more painful. Another 10 mins later and another one....OK maybe this was going to be something after all....5 mins later and another one. They continued at 5 min intervals for another 15 mins and were getting increasingly painful to the point I couldn't sleep and had to get up and walk around to distract myself from the pain. I packed a lot of last minute things because I knew I was now going to have a baby! I figured I should call the hospital because it might go quickly now. By the time I got downstairs and phoned the hospital, they were 3-4 mins apart and really ramping up. It was 1.30am. Told them we were coming in and got in the shower whilst Matt got ready. I didn't want to get in the car but Matt reminded me that there was no other way to the hospital....Dropped Ned off at Nani and Peres house on the way at around 2am, contractions 2 minutes apart and excruciating in the car. All I wanted to do was get out and we got every red light...some choice words were said (or was that screamed???).

Got to the birthing suites at about 2.15am. Was checked and 4-5cm dilated with bulging waters. Got on the gas with Matt rubbing my back. They put a cannula in and gave me one dose of antibiotics for the group B strep (I should have had 3 all up but there wasn't time in the end). I then decided I'd like to get in the shower so they bought me some portable gas. I got in the shower. After what seemed like forever I couldn't stand the pain any longer and asked for pethidine, an epidural, anything that would take the pain away. Then in a moment of lucidity I retracted my statement. I was checked and 6cm dilated. My waters were broken and I hopped back in the shower. 10 mins later I needed to push so they got me out again (with much arguing on my part, I really wanted to stay in the shower). I didn't want to get up on the bed to be checked but the Doppler was showing that the baby's heart rate had dropped. After some more arguing (lack of cooperating, and all normal Kira behaviour if you ask Matt) I got up on the bed and they checked me, I was 10cm dilated and ready to push so the midwife (Athena, who was really lovely putting up with all the abuse I threw at her to be honest) tried to get me to focus and push. There was a cervical lip which had to be moved out of the way, which she did and then my obstetrician arrived. He wanted bub out quick because her heart rate had dropped so I was put in stirrups and bub had the vacuum extractor attached to her head. A few minutes later her heart rate increased back to a normal level again. After some more pushing and an episiotomy (which I was completely unaware of until afterwards) she was finally out and put up on my chest. I was so relieved it was all over, and it was only 4.15am!! So all in all a very quick labour and birth. AND I had successfully achieved the VBAC that I had wanted!!!

After a cuddle and what have you, Isla was taken to be checked, then cuddled by Matt, and I delivered the placenta and was stitched up. The obstetrician and paediatrician think that there might have been some cord compression in the original position I was trying to push in which caused the heart rate to drop and why when I changed position she was OK again because the blood flow through the cord increased. Otherwise she was perfectly healthy (though had a bit of a cone head from the vacuum). We were all shocked at how tiny she was considering how big I was towards the end, the fact that she was 40 weeks and Ned had been 3.0kg at birth and 4 weeks early!

I was a bit shaky after the birth because I hadn't had much to eat or drink and was a bit dehydrated. So I had a few glasses of water and rested for about 15 mins before getting up to have a shower, and it was the best shower ever! We had to stay in the delivery suite for a while so Matt had a nap whilst I had my first breastfeed with Isla. Whilst we were waiting to be moved to the maternity ward we picked out her name which we both love! We had some breakfast and then got moved to the room where Isla and I were to spend the next few days.

Recovering from the birth

I have to say that recovering from a vaginal birth as opposed to a Caesar (in my case anyway) is soooooooooo much better. My stitches haven't worried me one bit but the bottom end has been a bit sore (very very bruised). Bleeding was a bit heavier to begin with but I expected that. I love the fact that I can bend to pick things up and didn't have to have someone helping me to walk for the first few days etc. Plus, being able to chase round after a toddler and not be in pain or have to refrain from doing anything slightly physical is an added bonus. I didn't realise just how much the epidural etc from my first birth had actually knocked me around until now as well (so I am glad that in the end Isla's birth was as quick as it was so there was literally no time to have one).

Isla's first few days

Isla is my sleeping beauty! She is an absolute champion breastfeeder and can finish a feed in only 15 mins before nodding off again. She also wakes herself for feeds and knows exactly what she is doing. So all my expectations have been far exceeded (and I couldn't be happier). When we left hospital this morning she had actually gained weight; unusual for a newborn! The midwives couldn't believe it considering how quick her feeds are - I think I must make full cream milk!! Plus, she is absolutely gorgeous, though a little jaundiced at the moment but that should peak today according to the paediatrician and then she should start looking a little less yellow. But so far I have to say that I am in love Free Smiley Face Courtesy of www.FreeSmileys.orgwith my little girl!!!!

I created a belly montage anyway so you can see all the shots in one place. Note the 40 week belly shot was taken less than 24 hours before Isla was born!

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Congrats on your successful delivery.
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