Going well
Isla is going really well. She feeds beautifully and sleeps really well. She has started waking up a bit more and does have unsettled periods but all in all she is a very easy baby. The only glitch has been that she picked up conjunctivitis so I am currently treating with drops. It did force me to go out of the house for the first time with the two of them though and I was really rather proud of myself as we went to the Drs and then spent a couple of hours at the mall so I felt really good.

I have started to carry Isla more in slings, wraps etc as she likes to be cuddled. I used slings a lot with Ned beause he always wanted to be carried but I wish I had discovered wraps with him. They distribute the weight so much better and it truly is hands free baby-wearing. It means I can also play with Ned whilst carrying Isla which is great. Here is a pic of my little 2 week old princess in a home made jersey wrap:

My recovery has been great and I am so thankful that I got my VBAC as Ned would have burst my stitches open for sure if I'd had a Caesar! I am just about fully recovered now (apart from the Lochia) so I feel really good. Just need to get rid of the jelly belly now but giving myself plenty of time for that. Better go...its lunchtime!
Kira Blogged at 11:30 am on Monday, September 01, 2008


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