7 weeks old
And growing so fast. Isla is such a beautiful, happy baby and I feel so blessed! Neds behaviour has settled down as he has gotten used to the new addition and things are going well at the moment (touch wood). Isla sleeps beautifully at night, only waking once or twice for a feed (unlike Mr booby monster who used to feed every 2-3 hours). She also feeds brilliantly and has gained quite a bit of weight already.

Here is my little princess at 6 weeks:

Everyone now......aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaawwwww!!!!!!


Kira Blogged at 3:48 pm on Monday, October 06, 2008


That is such a gorgeous photo! what a little darling
By Anonymous Franny, on 6:49 am 

Many thanks for your sharing experience on this blog and I like to tell you that you have lovely little princess :D I can't even wait to have one myself!! It could be wonderful.
By Anonymous Pregnancy Mum, on 7:06 pm 

She looks so cute in it....
By Anonymous YIM jeans, on 9:35 pm 

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