The babymoon is over....
OK, so 7 weeks hits and all of a sudden it seems much harder to adapt to life with a demanding toddler AND a newborn. The toddler on his own...fine, the newborn on her own...again fine, the two of them together.....not so fine. In keeping with this theme, the other thing I am finding really hard at the moment is being in babyland all day everyday, lacking adult company and not having ANY time to myself. Meanwhile, my husband, whom I love and adore and would like to spend some time with occasionally, is off working all day, going out for drinks after work, and playing golf (Ok so he's not so bad with the last two things but then again I don't get any "me" time, so why should I be OK with him getting it? Really...why?). Sometimes, I do feel angry and wonder why it seems to be so much harder this time around.

Then I get on the internet and come across gems like this , have a bit of a giggle and then I don't feel so bad any more because I realise I am not alone! It also makes me realise that yes, it sucks that I have to do all this by myself all day everyday, but that my husband, like most husbands, is just trying to adapt as best as he knows how and it is hard for him too, but in a different way. I think a cockpunch might be a bit out of line but maybe a boot up the bum every now and then to help with the kids so I can have a bit of me time is in order.

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Kira Blogged at 3:37 pm on Friday, October 17, 2008


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