3 Months ALREADY
I was looking through all the baby photos of both Ned and Isla last night. Oh my...it has been 3 months since Isla was born and I am feeling a bit  
My baby is growing sooooo quickly. NOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!

Here's a recent picture of my gorgeous girl: - OK, will fix this later, Blogger is broken and I can't upload atm!

She is 3 months old thinking she is 12 months old. She has amazing head control and wants to sit bolt upright all the time to see what's going on and cracks it if she isn't up straight enough. She loves watching everything that's going on and gets all excited when she sees the older kids playing; she wants to be part of the action! So, a week or so ago, I thought I'd try her out in the Jumperoo I used for Ned. Isla LOVES it even more than he did. I think it is fun for her becuase she gets to use her feet, which up until now she hasn't used much at all. She just ants t be moving. I think I am going to have my hands full....

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Kira Blogged at 5:57 am on Monday, November 17, 2008


yeah, we were really impressed with the small amount of space the quinny took up and the tight turning circle. and it's pretty! ha aha
i can't wait till my kid is out and 3 months old, isla sound like a lot of fun in such a small bundle. hard work i'm sure, but she sounds like she'll have a great personality too. you must be having a lot fun with her!
By Blogger Cherry Rockette, on 10:34 am 

yeah, we were thinking that yesterday when trying to find a nightie in kmart/target etc. might just lash out and get some peter alexander pj's for after instead. then at least i look less hidious for visitors. i can't do the nude thing, i'm too self concious. i dont even want the midwives in the birth room! ha aha aha. maybe i'll feel diff for #2?
By Blogger Cherry Rockette, on 8:52 am 

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