Heres a pic or 2
My gorgeous kids:

Leave me alone - Mum!

Isla attempting to eat:

Issla Eating
Kira Blogged at 11:49 am on Thursday, March 05, 2009


You have 2 beautiful kids.
By Anonymous pregnancy, on 6:11 pm 

Thank you, I think so too :)
By Blogger Kira, on 6:30 pm 

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Time Flies
I can't believe it has been 6 months since Isla was born. She is now eating solids, sitting up, rolling everwhere and has just started crawling backwards, so I guess going forwards will happen soon.....eeeeeeeeek!

She is such a little cutie. She looks just like me as a baby but definately has a lot of her Daddys personality (e.g. waking up at the crack of dawn at 5.30am or earlier, going to bed early, stubbornness, determination, I could go on all day). She is also a Daddy's girl and he is her favourite person, though I come in a close second as does Ned. She is such a happy little bub, always smiling at everyone.

I'm too lazy to upload photos much these days but will attempt to come back later if I can get her to sleep (shes a bit clingy today so I'm typing 1 handed). Bye for now.

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